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Date:29 June 2012

The Coordination Council of the Green Path of Hope congratulates Egypt's New Elected President

Voice of Freedom :Ardeshir Amir Arjomand, Spokesperson for The Coordination Council of the Green Path of Hope, has sent a greeting message to Mohammad Morsi, new elected Egyptian president.

In the name of God the Merciful

Mr. Mohammad Morsi,

President elect of the Arabic Republic of Egypt,

On behalf of the Coordination Council of the Green Path of Hope and the green activists of the nation of Iran, I congratulate you on becoming the newly elected president of our friend and ally Egypt.

Those who seek democracy in Iran, are empathetic to the plight of the Egyptian nation and have meticulously followed the course of the Egyptian people's struggle for freedom and justice, are overjoyed with their victory. It was around this time three years ago, that the authoritarian rulers of Iran circumvented the realization of the will of the Iranian people through the widespread oppression of citizens and the arrest of the leaders of the Green movement and a large number of political activists. Given the conditions in Iran, the Egyptian uprising at the time, created a new wave of hope and enthusiasm amongst those seeking democracy in Iran. The uprising of the Muslim nation of Egypt against authoritarianism, and the future policies of its newly elected government are a valuable asset to the people's Green Movement of Iran. The emphasis of the first president elected by the Egyptian nation on a compassionate and tolerant interpretation of Islam, with respect for other religions, the rule of law, the acceptance of pluralism and democratic principles, human dignity and human rights has been a source of hope for all people in the region and will undoubtedly serve as a positive influence for the strengthening and further development of democracy, peace and security in the Middle East.

I ask God almighty to grant you success in your quest to achieve prosperity for the great nation of Egypt.

Ardeshir Amir Arjomand

Spokesperson for The Coordination Council of the Green Path of Hope

Source : "Norouz" website

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