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Date:1 July 2012

Iran's Green Movement & Academics Condemns Anti-Semitic Rant By Iran's Vice-President

Voice of Freedom :Iran's Green Movement and Academics Condemns Anti-Semitic rant by Iran's Vice-President.

According to JARAS website, the condemnation letter is as follow :

We the undersigned, categorically condemn the speech of Mr. Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Iran's vice president in the UN-sponsored international anti-drug conference in Tehran on June 26, 2012.

These baseless allegations that include the responsibility of the book of Talmud for today's international illegal drug trade and genocide are historically inaccurate, morally reprehensible, and politically contrary to the interests of the nation and government of Iran. It is shameful that these individuals persistently ignore their duties to the people of Iran and become conduits of propagating tired conspiracy theories emanating from idiotic minds. Such allegations are certain to add to the risk of crippling embargos and to increase the threat of military attack on Iran. The overwhelming majority of the Iranian people, by their widespread and globally witnessed protests against the stolen elections of 2009 have made it clear that they do not recognize the present government of Iran and its functionaries as their representatives on the international arena.

Ardeshir Amir Arjomand, Professor, Shaid Beheshti University

Hamid Dabashi, Professor, Columbia University

Nader Hashemi, Assistant Professor, Denver University

Mohsen Kadivar, Visiting Professor, Duke University

Ali Mirsepasi, Professor, New York University

Mansoor Moaddel, Professor, University of Michigan

Ahmad Sadri, Professor, Lake Forest College

Mahmoud Sadri, Professor, Texas Womans University

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