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Date:10 July 2012

Narges Mohammadi, Who Is In Critical Condition Has Been Transferred To A Hospital

Voice of Freedom :Narges Mohammadi, vice president of Defenders of Human Rights Center, was admitted to Valiasr Hospital, Zanjan on Monday.

The Melli-Mazhabi website has reported that Ms. Mohammadi, who is in critical condition has so far not been allowed to have any visitors.

Ms. Mohammadi's physicians have repeatedly stressed that due to acute neurological disease which leads to muscle paralysis, Ms. Mohammadi must be released from prison and allowed medical care at home.

On Saturday Ms. Mohammadi had again appeared with a bruised face while meeting with family members, thus furthering the concern of the family as well as her twin children Ali and Kiana.

Ms. Mohammadi has been sentenced to six years in prison for her human rights activities. She is being kept in Zanjan prison despite the fact the her medical condition makes a stay in such a stressful environment inhumane.

This vice president of Defenders of Human Rights Center has repeatedly stated that her activities have all been in the framework of the country's constitution and only in defense of the rights of people.

Source: Sepidedam.com

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