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Date:20 July 2012

Iranian Envoy Invites NikoliC To Non-Aligned Summit

Voice of Freedom:Ali Asghar Khaji, a special envoy of the Iranian president, says he had constructive and substantive talks with Serbian officials of interest to both countries.

Khaji also stated that he had invited Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic to a summit of Non-Aligned Movement countries in Tehran.

In a statement for "Tanjug", Khaji, who is visiting Belgrade for the first time, said that the biggest portion of his talks with Serbian officials was dedicated to the Non-Aligned Movement and the upcoming summit, and noted that he and Nikolic has voiced similar views.

He said they had agreed that the organization should play an important role at a time important events were taking place in the international community.

Iran will take over the presidency of the Non-Aligned Movement in August.

The movement must play its role in these important events. The issues of international peace and stability are very important and this organization, second in size after the United Nations, must have an important role, believes Khaji.

Khaji, who is serving as a deputy foreign minister, and Nikolic also discussed the overall development of relations between the two countries.

We agreed that both sides have potential for cooperation and expressed hope that the cooperation would continue after the formation of the new government, said Khaji.

Asked where he saw room for improvement in the relations between Iran and the international community, considering the conflicting positions on Iran's nuclear program, Khaji noted that all diplomats, him included, wanted to be optimistic, but that this issue was a simple one.

He recalled that Iran had signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and was therefore obligated to follow all of its provisions.

We have proven this several times to date, said Khaji, adding that Iran's goals boiled down to the motto of a conference it had held - "Nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none."

Along with the obligations, we also have some rights which we benefit from, said Khaji, pointing out Iran was prepared to clear up any potential misgivings Western countries had about its nuclear program, even though it had already done so on multiple occasions.

Recalling that a new round of talks with the EU regarding this issue would take place July 24, Khaji said he expected a constructive approach and noted that everything could be resolved easily as long as the other side was committed and willing.

According to Khaji, the attempts of Western countries to force Iran to renounce its legitimate rights through use of pressure and sanctions were not leading closer to a solution and were a strategic mistake.

Asked to comment on accusations from Western countries that Iran was violating human rights, Khaji said he could not claim there were absolutely no problems in this regard, but that what Western countries were doing could be described as psychological warfare.

"The basic goal of the Islamic Revolution in Iran was freedom for the people and fight against dictatorship. And it had the support of precisely those countries which are acting this way today. We care about living better tomorrow than we do today," Khaji said.

Some countries use the issue as a political instrument and have double standards and this is the worst strike against human rights, Khaji concluded.

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