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Date:22 August 2012

Author: A network of Iranian Webloggers

Letter from Iranian media and social network activists to the Leaders of Non-Aligned Movement

Voice of Freedom:Letter from Iranian media and social network activists to the Leaders of Non-Aligned Movement :

Your Excellencies,
Distinguished Leaders of NAM Member States,

We trust that by this date, you have all received your formal invitations to the sixteenth Nonaligned Movement Summit Conference. A movement that holds the principle of "Respect for Human Rights" as it's most pivotal membership condition. A movement that requires members to uphold "Justice" and adhere to international obligations.

The Non-aligned Movement was formed around the core tenet of world peace and global security. Perhaps for this very reason, Nelson Mandela was selected as Secretary General at one point, so that the world could hear the group's message of peace that it espoused in the seventh summit held in New Delhi.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are about to be hosted this time by a country that instead of praise for human rights activists, it imprisons them. Iran is recognized as one of the world's biggest human rights violators, due to the startling statistics of its political, human rights activists, journalists and opposition prisoners.

In the aftermath of 2009 disputed presidential elections, street protests were met with brutal and bloody confrontation by regime forces, followed by arrest and imprisonment of hundreds of journalists, political activists and bloggers who still remain in prison to this date. This has only exacerbated the dire human rights situation in Iran.

Regime officials have a valid reason for preventing Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, UN special human rights rapporteur, from inspecting Iran's prisons. They know that an independent report will undoubtedly echo across the globe, the voices of innocent people in prison solely for the crime of demanding Free and Transparent Elections, thereby exposing gross violation of human rights in Iran.

Your Excellencies,

Among the large groups of prisoners of the sixteenth Summit's host, you can find scores of social activists, lawyers, journalists, university professors, students, laborers; non of whom have been sentenced through courts of justice, fair trials or due process and they are deprived of the most fundamental rights.

We, the Iranian Webloggers, would like to take the opportunity of your presence in our country, to request from your excellencies to make the following a condition of your attending this summit: Visiting Evin, Rajaie-Shahr and Karoon prisons in cities of Tehran, Karaj and Ahvaz respectively, as well as Mr. Mousavi, Mr. Karoubi and Mrs. Rahnavard who remain under house arrest after 19 months and deprived of all political prisoner rights.

In conclusion, we ask that you please make your utmost effort to uphold the doctrine of human rights, as reflected in the Movement's manifesto, not as an ornamental element, rather as a precondition for attending this conference. We close with the words of Jawaharlal Nehru, one of the founding fathers of Non-Aligned Movement, whose voice can still be heard across the deep recesses of history:

"Where freedom is menaced or justice threatened, or where aggression takes place, we cannot be and shall not be neutral."

By: A network of Iranian Webloggers
August 15, 2012

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