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Date:20 September 2012

Green Coordination Council's Letter Regarding New Wave of Anti-Islam Propaganda

Voice of Freedom: Green Coordination Council has issued a letter regarding the new insults on prophet Mohammad.

The letter is as follow :

In the name of God

19 September 2012

The Planet Earth can hardly provide a refuge for a humane life without tolerance, equity and dialogue. Respect for the beliefs of others what others, all others, hold to be Sacred is an inevitable imperative for the peaceful co-existence of all people in the world. Otherwise, the whole humanity will suffer from the prevalence and perpetuation of tension, conflict and violence. As eloquently put by the famous Persian poet Hafiz: Comfort in both Worlds emanates from these two concepts; kindness towards friends and tolerance towards the enemies.

It is a matter of utter regret that the production and release of an extremely distortive and insulting film about the Prophet of Islam has led to the emergence of a new round of violence and insecurity in the world. Wanton insults to the revered personality of Prophet Mohammad a messenger of amity, peace and humanity has severely injured the deeply-held beliefs of more than one billion Muslims in the world, and even those of hunderds of millions of other Monotheists across the world. It is truly regrettable that a Prophet has been targeted for distortion and insult that is known to have proclaimed that I was chosen to complement the moral virtues ; the Messenger whose motto was: There is no compulsion in religion and Your religion is for yourself, and my religion is for myself.

The totally irresponsible support for this film including by those with close links with known Zionist connections has provided the extremists, of different shades and colors, including among Muslims, to propagate ignorance and hate and unleash enmity and violence.

While reaffirming our respect for and commitment to the principles of freedom of belief, religion and expression, and condemning violence of any kind and in all its forms, and also recalling the commitments of states and international organizations under Paragraph2, Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, we call on you, in your respective position of authority, to undertake all necessary measures towards preserving and upholding the respect for the sacred values of hundreds of millions of Muslims in the world, towards preventing the spread of insults, enmity, hatred and violence, as well as towards the realization of a world based on peace, tolerance and humanity.

The Coordinating Council for the Green Path of Hope Paris

H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon
United Nations
New York

H.E. Mr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu
Organization for Islamic Cooperation

H.E. Ms. Irina Bokova

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