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Date:5 February 2012

Reported from: Kalame

Ardeshir Amir Arjmand's Letter To Ahmad Shahid

Voice of Freedom:Ardeshir Amir Arjmand, the spoksman of "The Green Path Of Hope of Iran" has wrote a letter to Ahmad Shahid, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Dear Dr. Shaheed,

I am writing to you pursuant to the previous communications on the worsening human rights situation in Iran. I am sure you follow the situation with keen interest, and are fully apprised of the sharpened political polarization in the country and the consequent unmistakable intensification of the repressive policies and the measures by the authoritarian ruling clique in recent months. Rising external tension and sanction-related pressures and the much intensified open disputes and political bickering among fundamentalist and authoritarian rival factions in power in the run-up to the so-called elections of the 9th Majles in early March 2012 have in fact further aggravated the situation. The reformers' publicly stated decision not to participate in the sham elections has also enraged the authoritarian establishment, deepened the internecine conflicts within the ruling military-security apparatus in particular, and has, as a consequence, led to more repressive measures against students, journalists, lawyers, academics, and civil society and political activists in general. Perceptible increase in recent weeks in the number of summoning of activists, arrests of journalists and students, and issuance of harsh verdicts, among others, vividly reflects the state of nervousness felt and exhibited by both political and security quarters. The official policy of purposeful systematic disregard for the provision of needed treatment for political prisoners suffering from various illnesses is quite known to the international community and to yourself. Quite a large number of prominent prisoners are reported to have been denied badly needed care and treatment. Reports reaching us just yesterday indicate that Mssrs. Abdollah Momeni, Keyvan Samimi, and Mehdi Khazali are suffering from deteriorating health which has caused serious concerns among their families and friends, and within the opposition quarters.

The detailed, well-documented report sent to you by the Human Rights Commission of the Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat and the report just issued two days ago by the Human Rights Watch depict a very grim picture of the numerous, flagrant cases of systematic violation of the fundamental human rights of all walks of life in Iran, inclusive, in particular, of students and civil society and political activists, on a daily basis.

In this letter, however, I would like to draw your particular attention to the reportedly precarious situation of the leaders of the Green Movement who have been kept under illegal house arrestfor almost a year now. They have been kept in a total state of incommunicado and deprived of all means of contact with the outside world, including their children and immediate family members. Reports indicate that the physical condition of Dr. Zahra Rahnevard, wife of Mr. Mir-Hossein Mousavi, has deteriorated considerably and she has been losing weight and suffering from limb trembling. As indicated in anopen letter from Mrs. Zahra Amlashi (daughter-in-law of the late Ayatollah Montazeri) to Ayatollah Khamenei, the intelligence games played by the security agents on Mr. Mousavi's daughters, including with regard to purported chemotherapy treatment of their parents [cancer], have indeed caused them serious concerns and worries over the very physical state, health and safety of Mr. Mousavi and Mrs. Rahnevard.

Despite persistent calls during the past year, from both inside and outside Iran, for the release of the leaders of the Green Movement, the authoritarian rulers, inclusive in particular of the Judiciary, have simply chosen to continue this absolutely shameless, illegal, and inexplicable travesty. As you know full well, the ruling establishment has not even conceded that they have placed Mssrs. Mousavi and Karroubi and their spouses under house arrest. No government, security, or judicial authority has taken the responsibility for this illegal act against them, even if some security or judicial authorities have on occasions alluded to the need for the "trial" of the "leaders of sedition" which interestingly enough, have been considered by other members of the Sepah, the Intelligence Ministry, or Friday Prayer leaders, as politically "imprudent or inexpedient." Indications are that the Supreme Leader - and the intelligence community surrounding him - are extremely fearful of the severe political-legal implications and fallout, in Iran and abroad, of any official admission of the state of house arrest of Mssrs. Mousavi and Karroubi (and their spouses), let alone placing them on trial - as occasionally demanded by hardline fringe elements and currents.

Dear Mr. Shaheed,

With the above in mind, let me send you, attached, a translation of the declaration issued two days ago by a group of 39 political prisoners(1) in Iran calling for the immediate, unconditional release of the leaders of the Green Movement. As you would note, these prisoners, while pronouncing their position on practically boycotting the upcoming Majles elections as a charade, have emphasized that any genuine elections in Iran would require, as a first step, the immediate, unconditional release of all political prisoners, particularly the leaders of the Green Movement. They have also underlined the importance and impact of the public-awareness campaign of Iranians in diaspora as well as of independent human rights institutions in support of their just demand.

It is our earnest hope that you would be able to highlight the plight of the leaders of the Green Movement at the international level, and raise it, inter alia, with the UN Human Rights Commissioner and the UN Secretary-General as an urgent matter requiring effective public demarche to bear palpable pressure on the authoritarian ruling clique. A more forceful campaign at the international level is urgently needed to help put an end to this illegal and inhuman situation. The authoritarian clique ruling the country has to be forced into taking responsibility for its illegal oppressive acts and measures and held accountable for them. Having said this, we are anxiously waiting for the completion and issuance of your full report on the human rights situation in Iran and a more effective response by the Human Rights Council and the entire UN human rights machinery.

I remain, Sincerely Yours

Ardeshir Amir-Arjmand


The Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope of Iran

Dr. Ahmad Shaheed

United Nations Special Rapporteur

on the Human Rights Situation

of the Islamic Republic of Iran


(1) 39 political prisoners

Source : Kalame

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