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Date:18 October 2012

The Coordinating Council of The Green Path of Hope to Syrian National Council

Voice of Freedom :In a letter to Abdelbasset Sida, chairman of Syrian national council, the The Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope, demands the release of Iranian hostages in Syria.

According to Kalameh the letter is as follow :

In the name of God, the Merciful, The Compassionate


We are writing to you with respect the group of Iranian citizens whowere taken captive some time ago by a branch of the Syrian Free Army. According to a recent announcement, if the militants imprisoned by the authoritarian Assad regime are not released, the Iranian captiveswould lose their lives in retaliation.

The Iranian freedom-loving people have been supporting the pro-reform,protest movement of the Syrian people from the very beginning andcontinue to do so. The leaders of the Green Movement in Iran were taken into custody and placed under house arrest after their call fora popular rally in support of the liberation movements in the region. The Iranian people, like the Syrian people, aspire to have a democratic, accountable, law-abiding government, based on the rule ofmajority and free and fair elections. We, just like you, are deeply dissatisfied with the total and unconditional support of the authoritarian apparatus in Iran of the dictatorial regime dominatingyour country and condemn it. The Prophet (PBUH), whom we both follow,has advised all of us of discretion and peace and treatment of prisoners with kindness and empathy. Lest the conduct of us Muslimsand freedom-fighters serve the malicious purposes of those who want todistort with wanton violence the image of our religion and the democratic movements in the region. Those in your hands are not responsible for the wrong policies of the authoritarian apparatus inIran; their families are as concerned and anxious about their health and safety as are the families of imprisoned militants in your owncountry. As brothers in Islam, we request you, sincerely and emphatically toavoid falling in the ditch of perpetrating violence against those inyour captivity.

This is an impasse with no return. We are sure that release of the Iranian hostages, a gesture of magnanimity to theIranian people and not to the ruling apparatus, will certainly helpstrengthen the bonds of Islamic fraternity, empathy and solidarity among the Muslims. We pray to Almighty God for the victory of ourfreedom-loving Syrian brothers and sisters .

The Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope

H.E. Mr. Abdelbasset Sida


Syrian National Council

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