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Date:1 November 2012

On Hunger Strike, Incarcerated Attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh Has Been Banned From Visits For Three Weeks

Voice of Freedom :Incarcerated rights attorney, Nasrin Sotoudeh has been banned from visits for three weeks by Evin prison's Disciplinary Board.

According to Kalameh, in their latest act applying additional pressure on Nasrin Sotoudeh (now on a hunger strike in the women's ward of Evin prison), the Evin Disciplinary Board has completely banned her visitations for three weeks.

Last week Kalameh had also reported that this human rights activist attorney was taken to the medical clinic in Evin due to deteriorating health as a result of hunger strike she launched two weeks ago.

While the previous difficulties placed on her visitation rights were one of the reasons she initiated a hunger strike, they have now escalated pressure by completely banning visitations from her children for three weeks.

Nasrin Sotoudeh has been imprisoned since September 4, 2010. She was tried and convicted on charges of acting against the national security, propagating against the regime, and membership in The Defenders of Human Rights Center. She was sentenced to six years imprisonment, banned from practicing law and banned from leaving the country for 20 years, and also fined 50,000 Tomans for not observing the Islamic code of attire (Hijab).

Reza Khandan, Sotoudeh's husband, in an interview with Kalameh, announcing Nasrin's hunger strike, had said, "I urged her to change her mind and not go on a hunger strike, but she was adamant saying there is nothing else that she can do while imprisoned, my last resort to voice protest is to launch a hunger strike.

Just imagine, a defense attorney who must resort to writing her own defense on a piece of napkin, then for it to be confiscate it, telling her that she has committed an illegal act, and from that date, being denied face-to-face visitation with her children."

Source: Kalameh
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