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Date:13 February 2012

Children Found Dead After NATO Airstrike In Afghanistan

Voice of Freedom :Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned the air strikes and ordered an investigation after saying that eight children were killed on February 8, VOA reported.

NATO spokesman Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson said Monday coalition aircraft and ground forces attacked insurgents in Kapinsa province. After the raid, NATO forces found several "young Afghans of varying ages" among the casualties.

Jacobson said the deaths of innocent people are a tragedy but insisted that so far, they are not yet certain how the children's deaths happened.

The issue of civilian casualties caused by coalition operations has long been a source of tension between President Karzai and NATO.

A United Nations report released earlier this month said more than 3,000 civilians were killed in 2011 - the worst death toll in the decade-long Afghan war.

Officials with the UN mission in Afghanistan said insurgents were responsible for 77 percent or 2,300 of Afghan civilian deaths and that the 410 deaths caused by foreign and local forces dropped by 4 percent.

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