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Date:4 March 2012

Another Member of FMI Goes To Jail

Voice of Freedom:Another member of "Freedom Movement Of Iran"(FMI)has begun his 5 years term in prison.

According to Voice of Freedom sources, "Mehdi Motamedi Mehr", member of political office of FMI & head of the teaching committee of this party went to Evin prison this morning to serve his 5 years jail. One of the main reasons calling Mr. Motamedi Mehr to Evin prison, was his open letter to the minister of Intelligence(Information)in which he unfolded physical torture & psychological pressure which he went through during his previous imprisonments.

Currently these members of "Freedom Movement Of Iran" are serving their unfair jails : Mohammad Tavasoli, Emad Bahavar, Amir Khorram, Mohsen Mohagheghi, Farid Taheri & Medi Motamedi Mehr.

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