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Date:23 March 2012

Mohammad Tavassoli's Family Letter To The Head of Judiciary of I.R. of Iran

Voice of Freedom:Mohammad Tavassoli, high ranking member of Freedom Movement of Iran(FMI) is in unknown situation since his arrest on November 3, 2011 in Tehran.

Mr. Tavassoli was arrested after signing an open letter to the former president, Mohammad Khatami, describing parliamentary election as an unfair election. This letter is known as "Letter with 143 signatures". Iran's parliamentary election has been held on March 2, 2012.

Since the arrest of Mr. Tavassoli, he was out of prison only for 36 hours to attend his daughter's wedding.

Regarding to Mr. Tavassoli's situation, his family has written a letter to the Head of Judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Bellow, you can read the English translation of this letter:

March 20, 2012

The Honorable Ayatollah Amoli Larijani,
Honorable Head of the Judiciary

Salaam and Greetings for the New Year.

Nowruz has arrived and Spring has begun, but there is still no word on our 74 year old father, Mohammad Tavassoli.We are now into the 6th month of the imprisonment of our father and we have not even been told the charges against him. We don't know why he remains in Evin prison Section 209 for over 5 months with no legal process?

We've been told that your plan is to implement a sentence handed out in 2001 calling for him to be imprisoned for 8 years. There were over 40 defendants in that case and it has been suspended for over a decade! Why has our father been singled out now for revival of that case? Why now that he has reached the age of 74!! Others have told us that that you have created a new case against our father. The latest complaint made against him is signing a letter to former president Khatami along with 143 others.

It is clear to us now that the judiciary does not speak with one voice regarding our father.

This is the second year in a row that our family is missing more than one family member at Nowruz. The second family member absent this year is Fareed Taheri, our son-in-law. Our father was allowed a 36 hour break from prison to attend the wedding of his daughter. He voluntarily returned to Evin prison at the required time. High judiciary officials had agreed that upon his return he would be moved to the regular part of Evin prison. This promise was broken, and he was immediately taken back to Section 209 upon his returned.

In Section 209, prisoners are allowed only 1 visit every 2 weeks. They are permitted to see God's open sky above their heads only two times a week, for 15 minutes each time. Our father is 74 years old. He is ill. Conditions in Section 209 have harmed his health. His eyesight and hearing have both clearly deteriorated. His joints are in pain.
He remains in there despite the fact that the courts have granted our father the right to place bail. He has done so and he received official written approval to be released from prison. Two months have passed since he received this official release. He remains a prisoner.

Who is in charge? Which organization in this country is responsible for keeping him in prison? It seems to us that certain individuals use extra judicial powers to keep our father in Section 209, with little regard for the public pronouncements of your court and judiciary officials. They purposefully prevented our family from being together for Nowruz.

The least you can do now is to ensure that our father is transferred out of Evin Prison Section 209.

Respectfully and with congratulations for the start of the New Year,

The family of Mohammad Tavassoli

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