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Date:4 May 2012

Letter To Ahmad Shaid ; Demanding Release of Mrs Narges Mohammadi

Voice of Freedom More than 300 individuals & organizations have signed a letter to Ahmad Shaid, demanding the release of Mrs Narges Mohammadi.

Dear Ahmad Shahid,

Narges Mohammadi, human rights activist and vice-president of the Iranian 'Defenders of Human Rights Centre' (DHRC) has been arrested by Iranian secret services agents when forced to live in Zanjan. She has been sent to Evin prison to serve an unjust prison sentence.

Narges Mohammadi suffers from an undiagnosed illness since the last period when she was held in custody by security forces. Since her husband, a committed activist was forced to leave Iran after years of imprisonment; she has looked after her young twin children.

Sending a person who is already sick and in exile, to prison is the last of illegal, inhumane measures contrary to human rights exerted by the Iranian government against the opponents and critics in Iran who are on the side of freedom, equality and the pride of the Iranian people who keep up their struggle for human rights in Iran.

We the undersigned, despite our diversity of opinion and political affiliation, ask you as one voice, to denounce the flagrant and repeated violations of human rights in Iran and to demand the Iranian authorities to take action to release this sick mother whose prison sentence doctors have judged to be very dangerous for her health.

The imprisonment of Narges is immensely unjust as well as an outright denial of the rights of these young children who have already witnessed their parents' arrest several times as well as police attacks on their house. These children have now been deprived of both their parents.

Finally, we thank you for all the efforts you have made and we ask you to continue publishing your reports on human rights violations in Iran by the Iranian government and also to insist on your claims to travel in Iran so as to visit prisoners there regardless of their political affiliation.

Yours sincerely

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