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Date:20 May 2012

May 21st, Bahman Ahmadi Amouee's Birthday

Voice of Freedom :May 21st, is Bahman Ahmadi Amouee's Birthday and so we sing the song of his foresight, perseverance and humanity!

This Monday, a month long campaign will seek to celebrate the upcoming birthdays - and with it the lives - of some of Iran's political hostages.

Inviting all our friends and fellow activists to take part in this campaign, using your own individual ideas and creative ways, we begin by asking out loud why journalist Bahman Ahmadi Amouee - whose birthday we shall all celebrate together on Monday May 21st - is imprisoned and also held so long without a leave of absence?

Bahman Ahmadi Amouee is one of the most reputable journalists in Iran who has written articles and books, mostly on the economy and economic policies of the country's governments, in the last 20 years.

Thus, the only "crime" of dear Bahman - who has written to warn of certain policies of the Mousavi, Rafsanjani, Khatami and Ahmadinejad governments and among others penned a critique of the policies of the Mousavi government as well as the early days of the Islamic Republic in book-form titled "The Political-Economy of the Islamic Republic" - is his journalistic work in general and a foretelling of eventual economic mistakes of the Ahmadinejad government in particular.

Yet at a time, when these mistakes have come to be very evident to all and their outcome is even being daily detailed in such sources as Mehr and Fars news , is dear Bahman's place truly behind bars?!

Should he in fact not be respected by many of those who are currently in power as a caring and knowledgeable journalist whose warnings should have at least been patiently listened, if not heeded to?

Perhaps those who have locked dear Bahman up can not yet appreciate his work or life, but we do and while calling for the immediate release of this gentle and kind professional, we sing the song of his foresight, perseverance and humanity.

Happy Birthday our dearest Bahman and may you be free to practice your profession, to the good of Iran and Iranians, very very soon.

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