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Date:28 May 2012

Author: Siavosh Jalili

Mansour Radpour, Political Prisoner, Dies in Rajai Shahr

Voice of Freedom :Mansour Radpour, a political prisoner, died around 8 PM on Monday in Rajai Shahr prison, reported the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA). During the preliminary examinations the doctors determined a stroke as the cause of his death.

According to the report, prior to Radpour's death, his neck, face, and legs had turned black. Throughout his time in prison Radpour suffered from blood pressure, renal, and cardiac complications but the prison officials never agreed to send him to a hospital or provide him with medical care. Weeks before his death, Radpour began to suffer from nausea but the doctors at the prison clinic refused to hospitalize him.

Radpour's repeated requests to visit his children were denied by Iranian authorities.

Mansour Radpour, 41, from the city of Karaj, was arrested on May 17, 2007 on Chaloos Road (connecting Tehran to the Caspian provinces in the north). He was charged with having ties to the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (PMOI/MEK). Radpour was held in "safe houses" operated by the Ministry of Intelligence and, and as a result of the beatings he endured, his shoulder and ribs were severely damaged. Additionally, he had difficulty breathing and was denied basic medical attention.

Mansoor Radpour, who was arrested on the charge of "Acting against national security through cooperation with the Mujahedin Khalq Organization", was sentenced to three years in prison by the Karaj Revolutionary Court. Once his sentence was served, he was sentenced to an additional five years in prison [this was the sentence he was serving at the time of death].

"Persian 2 English" Editor's Note: According to the Kaleme website, seven people have died in Rajai Shahr prison in the last week. Three of the prisoners died as a result of a heart attack.

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